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Welcome to the #ball4life page! Here, we explain what it's about and how you can get involved in the #ball4lifechallenge.

What is #ball4life?

A lot of basketball players say "ball is life" because we (yep, the GG3x3 team too) watch, play and even dream about basketball. But at the GG3x3 we say "Ball FOR life" (#ball4life) because the tournament is all about raising money for cancer charities. We celebrate all life, on and off the court and show support to people that might not be able to say it because they don't have full physical and mental strength to do it.


"#ball4life is a positive statement. It shows people you care. It's something that you can be proud of saying and believe in."


- Martin, GG3x3 Founder

When should you say it?

You can say it any time! Shooting a ball on the court, doing a crazy move, hitting a new PB in the gym, posting something happy or successful on social media. Join the #ball4life movement!


We love contributions and have posted loads of videos from people who support the movement. Check out the first video submitted!

Sian from the Teenage Cancer Trust



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Luiz, Professional 3x3 Basketball Player