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The GG3x3 Shop 🛍️

Below you'll find the very latest GG3x3 items to buy, from this year's special 2022 jerseys to socks, backpacks and mugs. Thank you for taking a look, every purchase helps us to run tournaments and our community events❤️

We're offering a "package promotion" too! Buy 3 items or more and get 10% off!

If you'd like to donate to the GG3x3 or our chosen charity for the year, please get in touch.

Buy the official GG3x3 2022 Game Jersey


The GG3x3 2022 Game Jersey is a reversible, lightweight top that all the players wore at the Summer Tournament. White on one side, black on the other, the game jersey features a player number, the #ball4life hashtag and the logo of our chosen chairty for the year, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In a show of support to those in Ukraine, we have also added a Ukrainian flag by the tag at the bottom of the jersey.

There are lots of numbers and sizes available, please enquire using the form at the bottom of this page.


Price: £37.99 (incl. P&P if in the UK)

Buy the Special Edition '22 Jersey


Absolutely one of a kind, these jerseys were created for the winners of the GG3x3 skills competition and were presented to Commonwealth medal winners Orlan Jackman and Cheridene Green (featured in the photos).


They are lightweight and perfect for styling on or off the court. The design is based on the Miami Heat G-League kit, cleverly created and produced by Triple Double Hoopwear.


There are various sizes available, enquire using the form at the bottom of this page.

Price: £45.99 (incl. P&P if in the UK)

Buy the 2022 T-shirts and "OG" GG3x3 Jerseys 


The GG3x3 2022 t-shirts are worn by staff and spectators. They are all cotton and ligthweight and perfect for any activity. On the back of the t-shirts are the sponsor logos and our chosen charity for this year, Great Ormond Street Hospital.


There are several "OG" jerseys to choose from too, including the Reversible 2021 jerseys (black, white, pink trim) and the all white single sided dunk jerseys, made from lightweight mesh material.



2022 T-shirts: £9.99 (incl. P&P if in the UK)

Was £35.99, now £24.99 - Reversible 2021 jerseys (incl. P&P if in the UK)

Was £29.99, now £19.99 - Single sided 2021 dunk jerseys (incl. P&P if in the UK)

Buy the official game socks