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What's 3x3 basketball?

3x3 is an exciting, fast-paced, fun, new form of regular 5v5 basketball. It's as close to street basketball as you can get.   It's like a 10 minute highlight reel of all the best, most intense, energetic and entertaining bits of a regular 5v5 basketball game.

Born from the streetball game, 3x3 will be making its debut on the Olympic stage in the summer of 2021 and will be played in Birmingham as part of the Commonwealth Games in 2022.


FIBA (the international basketball federation) created FIBA3x3, providing the structure and rules for 3x3 basketball games and events. and is behind the growth of the game across the globe.



  • You play on a half court, which has the same dimensions as a regular basketball court

  • There's only one hoop needed


  • You play with a special size 6 ball (but it has the weight of a size 7)



  • You play as a team of three with one sub

  • The winner is the first to 21 points or the top scoring team after 10 minutes


  • It's 2 and 1 pointers with it's continuous play, so no check ball to re-start the game



  • Anyone can run a 3x3 event, indoors or outdoors!


  • Running a FIBA3x3 endorsed event (using their 'event maker') is easy and means that  players get official ranking points, which can help the UK's ranking as a nation!​

  • Basketball England (the national governing body for basketball) provides great info and resources about 3x3 in the UK

Want to know more about 3x3 basketball? Get in touch via email, send a DM to our insta @thegg3x3 or check out

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