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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the GG3x3 Summer Tournament?
    The next one will be the 6th August 2023 at the Blue Cage Courts in Deptford.
  • Who is eligible to enter the GG3x3 Summer Tournament?
    You must be over 18 and have a FIBA3x3 player profile. See here more for information on how to get a player profile:
  • What categories are there?
    Men's Elite (Pro and high division players) Men's Challenge (Recreational players) Women's (All levels)
  • What's the format of a regular GG3x3 tournament?
    Teams are put into pools and then they play a round robin. The top teams then go into a knockout tournament until we have a final winner.
  • How do I enter the tournament?
    As long as there are free team spots available, you can register by going to the Team Entry 2023 page (click the menu item to take you to the page).
  • Does it cost money to enter the GG3x3 Summer Tournament?
    Yes it does, each year we charge players an entry fee. In return, they get to take part in the UK's best one day 3x3 tournament and get a free reversible jersey too.
  • How many players make up a team and how many teams can I enter?
    A team is made up of four players (three on a court with a sub). You can enter as many teams as you like.
  • Are you FIBA3x3 endorsed? If so, what does that mean?"
    Yes we are. That means that we promise to: - Run the event in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fairness, as outlined in the example FIBA 3x3 Event Terms & Conditions ( - Play the games by the global set of official FIBA 3x3 basketball rules ( - Manage the event with the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker and use the publishing settings to make it visible at the event directory - Submit the event results and the player data (so-called 'making the event official'), upon which all the participating players will receive points towards the FIBA 3x3 Individual World Ranking ( - Refer to the GG3x3 Summer Tournament (and any other tournaments) as a 'FIBA 3x3 Endorsed' event. Further, we understand the branding rules of FIBA 3x3 endorsed events, and more specifically, we understand our rights to use the FIBA 3x3 logo (also called ‘stamp’) in print and online use only, not in any clothing or apparel (including e.g. event jerseys, personnel T-shirts, caps or any other merchandise).
  • Will I get FIBA3x3 ranking points for playing?
    As of 2021, all Summer tournaments (unless stated otherwise) have been FIBA3x3 endorsed. The individual ranking is an indicator central to FIBA's ranking system. The Ranking is a player's individual position among registered FIBA 3x3 players based on points won at FIBA endorsed competitions. I A complete explanation is available in the Ranking Full Guide and Ranking Quick Guide documents.
  • Where can I find out more about the rules?
    You should check out our "Learn about 3x3" page! Click here.
  • When is the next #Ball4Life Clinic/Camp and how do I sign-up?
    The next 3x3 clinic will be announced soon.
  • How old must you be for a #Ball4Life Clinic/Camp?
    We usually train young ballers who are 6-16 years old. For more information about clinics, click here.
  • Can I help by coaching?
    We love new coaches who want to help and train young 3x3 players. Get in touch by emailing to see if we can collaborate.
  • Can I volunteer or coach?
    Absolutely, we welcome anyone who wants to help out. Please get in touch with us via so we can have a discussion about what you want to help with and so we can find out a little more about you.
  • What roles are there if I want to volunteer?
    There are loads of roles at a tournament, including scoring, setting-up, registration and helping to raise money! At clinics, we always need help with supporting through registration, set-up or coaching. We also need advocates and ambassadors to help with our community projects on local courts. Get in touch via email if you want to know more.
  • What is a DBS check and do I need one?
    If you are volunteering with anyone under the age of 18 - for example at a #Ball4Life Clinic - then you will need a valid Disclosure and Barring Service check. A valid DBS is a personal history check that ensures you're ok to help us out (it's a standard requirement for teachers or carers for example). If you want to volunteer, we can help you get one and it's super easy to do too. Get in touch any time by emailing us at
  • How can I or my company partner with the GG3x3?
    We do great work because of the generosity of individuals and businesses. If you want to support us then please send an email to
  • How fun is it to volunteer?
    One word. AMAZING. Everyone has the best fun, meets new people and feels incredible at the end of a day volunteering as part of the GG3x3 team. Get in touch by emailing us at to find out how you can be a part of the GG3x3.
  • What is 3x3 basketball?
    3x3 basketball is a new, fun, even faster-paced version of 5v5 basketball. Have you check out our "Learn about 3x3 basketball" page yet? Click here.
  • Why is 3x3 basketball so good?
    3x3 basketball is fast and fun. It gives you the opportunity to have more touches on the ball (with less players on the court) and will test your shooting, dribbling and passing. It builds teamwork and leadership at the same time and is fun to play and watch! Check out our "Learn more about 3x3 basketball" page here.
  • Why are you so keen for everyone to play 3x3 basketball in the UK?
    As well as the answers in the "Why is 3x3 basketball so good?" question, 3x3 basketball will be the driving force behind everyone playing the game and enjoying all its benefits from now and for years to come. It will help players on the court improve and may even give us better chances at playing and winning in major tournaments (like the Olympics for example!). Mainly, it give opportunities both mentally and physically to everyone on and off the court and it brings people together because is a sport embraced by people all ages, races,shapes and abilities.
  • How can I donate to the GG3x3
    Thanks for asking! The best way is to get in touch first via the contact form or email We want to let you know exactly how your money will be spent and how to make sure it gets to us safely.
  • Should I just donate to the chosen charity?
    Thanks for offering but if you do that we can't keep a track of how much we're raising for them as the GG3x3. Also, we change the charities we support each year. Please get in touch with us via the contact form or by emailing
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