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Name: Steve Sir

Country: Canada

Age: 35

Instagram: @steve_sir_

Steve Sir describes himself on his insta. as follows:


Father | Husband | 10 year pro | FIBA 3x3 professional | Top 3pt% in NCAA history | Alberta Basketball | Jack of some trades | User of sarcasm.

In other words, Steve does it all. He has one of the best work ethics, the biggest passion and the strongest committment to both his family as  basketball. It's a real passion that comes through. He played at San Diego State University and then had three seasons at Northern Arizona University. He lead the NCAA in three point percentage in 2006 and then in three pointers made per game in 2007, finishing his collegiate career as the NCAA all-time leader in three point percentage for players who have made over 300 three pointers. In stats terms, this means he had a (46.9% average), which at that high a level is what some ballers dream of. 

Since then, Steve has played all over the world. Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Mexico. He also played for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2016 Summer League in Las Vegas. If anyone knows what it means to be a stand-out 3x3 player who can shoot the lights out, it's Steve Sir - check out his Q&A below.

3x3 Tips from the Pros


Pro FIBA 3x3 Player and 3 point sniper

Steve Sir
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GG3x3: When did you start playing 3x3 basketball and what got you into it?

SS: I began playing 3x3 basketball last year in 2017 with Team Saskatoon but I have been familiar with the sport for awhile. I work for Basketball Alberta and we currently have the longest running 3x3 tournament in Canada. The goal has always been to grow the sport of 3x3 in our area of the country because we saw the potential it had back in it's infancy.

3x3 seemed like a lot of fun and a great opportunity to continue to play and compete once my 5on5 professional career was over. My current teammates had asked if I wanted to play with them and the timing worked last year to be apart of Team Saskatoon going forward. 

GG3x3: What’s your training schedule like ahead of a 3x3 tournament?

SS: My training schedule ahead of a FIBA 3x3 tournament and the FIBA 3x3 season is a very similar schedule I kept when playing professionally in Europe. Strength and conditioning sessions along with on-court sessions for skill work and competitive situations. I will generally train 6 days a week in order to be in the best shape and remain sharp for competitions. 

I am very fortunate to have great people here in Edmonton that help me stay healthy and in shape so I can be at my best during competition. 

GG3x3: ​​​What do you do in the morning of a tournament?

SS: The morning of a tournament I like to get on the court for a shoot around to get a sweat and get a feel for the environment. Shooting drills and some light competition to get in the proper mindset helps me followed by stretching and other routines that help me feel prepared. I'll make sure I eat and hydrate as best I can through the day so when it is time to compete, I'm ready to go. 

What’s the best tip you can give to a 3x3 player?

SS: The best tip I can give a 3x3 player is to show up prepared to compete. That means having put in the time before the tournament ensuring you are in the best shape possible. The games can be very physical so be ready for a tough, fast paced style of play when you're out there. If you can, try and have some fun while you're doing it too. 3x3 can be a lot of fun when it's time to roll the ball out. 

GG3x3: ​If we called your go-to ‘The Sir’, what move would it be?

SS: "The Sir" would definitely have to be something behind the 3 point line. A catch and shoot or jab to create some space would be what I look for. 

GG3x3: ​Which team/country do you love competing against?

SS: I am still relatively new to FIBA 3x3 and its rivalries. I enjoyed all of our competition on the World Tour as all the teams have unique styles of play depending where they come from. It's a great challenge to go up against and see all the variations of basketball from around the world. 

GG3x3: Tell us something about you that people might not know

SS: I played the viola for 15 years. I played in small string quartets and orchestras while also taking individual lessons. I was very self-conscious about that growing up as none of my other friends did anything like it but looking back on it now, I am very happy I had this experience. It helped me develop a wider appreciation for music I otherwise wouldn't have had.


As well, it was another learning experience seeing the distinct relation between practice and performance. Just as in basketball, in music there is no faking your preparation when it is time to perform in front of an audience. You are either prepared or you aren't. 

GG3x3: If you could pick one player in the NBA or WNBA to play with, who would it be and why?

SS: As a shooter, I would probably have to pick LeBron James. He has an incredibly ability to make precise passes under extremely pressure. Plus, he is very unselfish in his style of play. He commands so much attention defensively from the opposing team that if his teammates get in the right spot, they get the ball right where they need it. As long as he wouldn't want me traded, I would have to go with LeBron.

GG3x3: ​What are you looking forward to in 2018?

SS: I'm looking forward to another summer on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and pushing towards the 2020 Olympics. Last year was our first time together as a group so we are all looking forward to continuing to improve and build on what we accomplished last year. We will be heading to some major competitions in unique areas of the world so we are focused on being prepared and enjoying our push towards representing Canada in Tokyo. 

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