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Get Ready To Ball!

If you're a player there are a few things you need to know. The tournament is for any age and gender, although we expect the majority of players to  be over 18. You have until 31st July to enter and there are a limited number of team slots available. It's £20 per player entry (all going to charity) so make sure to register your team now before it's too late! More info below.


Success! You'll receive an e-mail shorrtly on how to pay the team entry fee


By entering the form above you are committed to the tournament - congrats! You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to donate the entry fee. The last day to register your team is 31st July. Any teams who attempt to register after this date may be turned away. 


If you are a single player looking for a team, you can contact us by e-mailing If you turn up on the day as an individual player there may be teams willing to have you but you do run the risk of paying to play and not getting any game time. Individual players will pay £20 entry also.


- A team consists of 3 players (or 4 if you would like to have a sub). 

- Each team must arrive by 12.00pm so that we can get everyone ready for the start of the day. Games will commence at 1.00pm. Any team that hasn't registered properly, has less than 3 players or doesn't show for the start of the games will be disqualified.

- Each game will be refereed under a mixture of FIBA 3v3 and GG3v3 rules. If you're really keen the FIBA rules can be found here. However, the rules will be slightly different on the day and will be explained before the games start.


All players will be provided with a special, reversible GG3v3 jersey. Players can wear whatever shorts they wish but wearing the jerseys is mandatory. You can request your size when you register your team. Size chart is here.


All players will be provided with a bottle of water. There will be refreshments to buy too, including water, sports drinks and snacks.

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