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George Goldstone was a loving son, devoted husband and loyal friend. In 2015, soon after he was married, George was diagnosed with cancer, aged 32. Despite battling as hard as possible, George passed away in 2016.

George loved the game of basketball - he was an awesome player and coach. In his honour, the GG3x3 charity tournament was created; a celebration of George and what he stood for: competition, drive, loyalty, teamwork, leadership.

The GG3x3 aims to achieve three things - all in George's honour:

1) Raise money to help amazing charities fight cancer and help those who suffer from it

2) Improve grass roots basketball in the UK and grow love for the game

3) Unite people from diverse communities



George was a great organiser of charity events, so the GG3x3 also represents that side of his life:  generosity and a belief in doing the right thing. For this reason, all the proceeds raised go to charity.

THE FIRST GG3x3 - 3 SEP 2017

What. A. Day.

It was incredible, so many people and so much support. We raised over £7,500 for charity!


We had:

  • 77 players in 21 teams

  • 22 volunteers

  • 2 contributing sponsors

  • +25 suppliers giving discounts or free items

We had a live DJ, food and merchandise stands, raffle,

online auction, live auction, half-court shot competition and awesome dunk show too!                                                                       

Want to see what happened? Check out some of the videos and images below. Wait - you want to see everything? Follow us on instagram, join our facebook page and give us a holla on twitter - just search for "thegg3x3" on all of these and you'll find us!                                                                                   

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