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🏀#Ball4Life Young Hoopers Clinic🏀


We run clinics throughout the year, providing the very best, fun training for players of all ages and abilities.


Every summer, ahead of the Summer Tournament, we host a special #Ball4Life Clinic. This year's clinic is on 25th July 2021. Register below!👇

We try to host clinics no matter the situation.  For example, during the half term in October last year, we still managed to run a Covid-safe clinic for 30 6-16 year olds.

The clinics are INCREDIBLY FUN, young ballers are:

  • Taught the fundamentals of 3x3 basketball including dribbling, shooting and passing

  • Given the best coaching by pro trainers

  • Given time to play games with their peers


We're partnering again with the amazing Black Prince Trust, to host the clinic at The Regal Basketball Court in Vauxhall. Kobe and LeBron have both been to the Regal and its hosted a bunch of amazing competitions.


For anyone who wants the best 3x3 training, this is where you'll want to be! 

It is only £3 per player!! Players
 will learn shooting, dribbling skills and the basics of 3x3 basketball.  There will be games at the end. 


how THE day WORKS

- Morning session 9.30am-1.00pm: A clinic for 6-12 year olds 

- Afternoon session 2.30-pm-6.00pm: A clinic for 13-17 year olds 

- Due to various guidelines we have a limited number of spaces available per session.

- A young baller must be registered via the form by a parent/guardian to attend. You will be notified if you have been accepted into the clinic.


Answers to questions about the #Ball4Life Clinics can be found in our new FAQ section. For any more questions please email or call Scott on 07939354313.

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