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Name: Vivi Böröndy

Country: Hungary

Age: 23

Instagram: @viviborondy

3x3 Tips from the Pros

Q&A with: Vivi Böröndy  

No1. Female FIBA 3x3 Player in the World

Hungarian Vivi Böröndy is a young, dynamic player who’s ranked No.1 Female FIBA 3x3 player in the world. She started playing ball in Sopron, her home-town, when she was nine years old. She played for the national when she was 14 and the top Hungarian Basketball Team (Sopron Basket Euroleague team) when she was 16.


She may only have been playing 3x3 for a year but her skills on the court show no limits. She talks about how much she loves ball, what her training schedule is like and how important her team and family is to her.  Vivi also talks about Harry Potter and tattoos...who knew? Check out our Q&A with Vivi below.

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GG3x3: When did you start playing 3x3 basketball and what got you into it?

VB: Last summer I got invited to the Hungarian national 3x3 team by the women’s coach Andrea Károlyi. I was so happy I had opportunity to play the game. I heard about it before and decided, I want to try and play 3x3 basketball. Now, I can’t explain how much I love it.

GG3x3: What’s your training schedule like ahead of a 3x3 tournament?

VB: I’m playing in the Hungarian 5x5 league for Vasas Academy, Budapest, so I have a lot of practice each week and of course individual training too.


I focus and and work hard on getting better and better for the the next 3x3 season. I do ball handling drills, lot of shooting and practicing 1:1 defence.

GG3x3: ​​​What do you do in the morning of a tournament?

VB: I usually get up early, have a good breakfast and focus on those things our team wants to make happen on the court - of course, we aim to win everything! Our team is really special, we’re like a family and would die for each other on the court.

What’s the best tip you can give to a 3x3 player?

VB: In my opinion, a great 3x3 player is really sharp, quick, athletic and has good vision on the court. You have to be able to make quick decisions because it is such a fast sport, so you don’t have time to relax just because of a missed shot or a turnover. Of course, it’s not disadvantage if you have skills for it.

GG3x3: ​If we called your go-to ‘The Böröndy’, what move would it be?

VB: Well, it’s a bit hard to decide, but what I use the most in 1:1 is the crossover, then immediately a jumpshot or after I penetrate the key, a spin move and hook shot (but don’t tell anyone!). 

GG3x3: ​Which team/country do you love competing against?

VB: Last summer I played in the U23 category. We had FIBA U23 3x3 Nations League where we played a lot of games against team Netherlands. Those girls were well prepared good players, we always have exciting games against them.


GG3x3: If you could pick one player in the NBA or WNBA to play with, who would it be and why?

VB: I would pick LeBron James! I would certainly play in a team with him. He is a perfect player for me. Has good vision on the court, awesome passes, skills, great defender. Hopefully I can visit one of his game once in my life!

GG3x3: ​What are you looking forward to in 2018?

VB: I want to win everything we can with the team. Personally, I want to be an all-round player and help the team during the next FIBA 3x3 season. Together we’re stronger!

GG3x3: Tell us something about you that people might not know

VB: There’s quite a lot to choose from! I’ll give you nine quick answers seeing as you gave me nine questions!


  • I’m a Harry Potter fan. Love every part of it and every book.

  • I have a golden retriever, named Cody.

  • I have a sister who’s two years younger. She plays basketball too and we play against each other a lot

  • My favourite music is 90’s rap-hip-hop

  • I’m allergic to almost everything (my favourite meal is chicken with rice and grilled vegetables)

  • My nickname is “Kiwi”. When I started playing basketball, there were two girls named Vivi in the team, my coach decided Kiwi sounded like Vivi and it stuck!

  • I like tattoos, I already have two but want more

  • I have a really good relationship with my family, my mum and dad are my parents and my friends in one

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