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Name: Luiz Felipe Soriani

Country: Brazil

Age: 28

Instagram: @soriani23

3x3 Tips from the Pros


No1. Male FIBA 3x3 Player in Brazil

Luiz started playing basketball when he was seven years old. At 14 he'd already left home to start a career in basketball. When he was 17 he started playing professionally and hasn't looked back since. Basketball was and is "my life" Luiz tells us.


He played for various teams in Brazil but he's also played in Chile (2011) - he was the second best scorer that year. Luiz only started playing 3x3 a few years ago and in his first year playing professionally in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour he was already ranked No.2 in Brazil. 


To give you an idea about how good Luiz is, since he started in the professional FIBA 3x3 he's played in six World Tours and on his very first tour his team went all the way to the World Final in Abu Dhabi.  Luiz  has been No.1 in Brazil for two years running now. Below, he tells us about his mental and physical preparation for a 3x3 tournament and how he still has time to collect cards and play video games. Check out his Q&A below.

Luis Felipe Soriani
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GG3x3: When did you start playing 3x3 basketball and what got you into it?

LFS: It was 3 years ago, and it was amazing. In my first year I played the World Tour final in Abu Dhabi and I really liked to play in that tournament.

GG3x3: What’s your training schedule like ahead of a 3x3 tournament?

LFS: My training schedule is all about intensity ad being as fit as possible. 3x3 is a tough sport, so I try to be in my best shape for the tournament. It's really important to make as many shots as possible, every day - accuracy is very important!

GG3x3: ​​​What do you do in the morning of a tournament?

LFS: I do the exact same thing as I've always done. The important thing is stay focused and imagine in my head the games and our team winning.

What’s the best tip you can give to a 3x3 player?

LFS: Practice, that´s my best tip. Always work on your shot, your moves, your defence. When you need each one you'll know you can trust yourself to execute because you've already done it so many times before.

GG3x3: ​If we called your go-to ‘The Soriani’, what move would it be?

LFS: I don´t think I have just one move, but a style of playing. I like to play aggressively, on offence and  defence, so we can call this like "the aggressive Soriani moves" lol

GG3x3: ​Which team/country do you love competing against?

LFS: Serbia, they are the best in the world on 3x3, so I love to compete against them. It's always a hard game and I learn so much by playing against them.

GG3x3: If you could pick one player in the NBA or WNBA to play with, who would it be and why?

LFS: Kyrie Irving, because of his handles and crossovers - they're so close to his body, and when I make a backdoor cut I'm sure he'd find me!

GG3x3: ​What are you looking forward to in 2018?

LFS: I expect a lot of 2018, now it's all about the Olympics schedule, so we will have more tournaments at a higher level. I've already played six World Tours but I've never won one. This time I expect to win my first one.

GG3x3: Tell us something about you that people might not know

LFS: I love to play video games, all days all kinds of games, like war, sports. And I still play with card albums too - I'm making one with NBA players right now.

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