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3x3 Tips from the Pros

Q&A with Justin Hitchman


City: London, UK (Harringey)

Age: 29

Team: Asphalt Assassins 

Instagram: justin_no12

Justin is a baller and an absolute warrior on the court. Beast could be another description. He will play you at any spot and that's what makes him so versatile. 

The best thing is his need to ball at any given opportunity, he has a real passion for the game and it comes through in his skills and competitiveness to win.


Justin's been part of GG3x3 winning teams (as you can see in the pics!). He's played for Team Northumbria, Essex Leopards and the Westminster Warriors. He's part of the Asphalt Assassins too, who are going to Toronto soon to compete in the Red Bull Reign World Finals.


Like the other guys, we can be very proud to call him a friend and supporter of the GG3x3. Check out what Justin aka 'Sidney Deane' has to say about 3x3 and UK ball in general. Oh, he admits stealing a move from Tarryn for his own bag too!


GG3x3: When did you start playing basketball and what got you into 3x3?

JH: 3x3 has always been a part of basketball culture, and I started playing 3x3 in secondary school before it became officially recognised as a sport.


GG3x3: What’s your training schedule like ahead of a 3x3 tournament?

JH: I try to play as much as possible to keep a solid rhythm in my game, so it feels natural on the court.

GG3x3: What’s the best tip you can give to a 3x3 player?

JH: Maintain your spacing and trust in your teammates.

GG3x3: ​What's your go to move?

JH: It depends where I am: baseline is a behind the back spin move (stolen from Tarryn) at the top of the three a great hessi move.

GG3x3: ​Do you think playing 3x3 has helped other aspects of your general 5x5 game?

JH: Yeah, I feel 3x3 has helped with me in a 5x5 game, especially on the defensive end because you never know who you will be matched up with so you have to be versatile as a defender. 

GG3x3: If you could pick one player in the NBA or WNBA to play with, who would it be and why?

JH: KD as he is the ultimate mismatch and Kyrie for his crazy ball handling.

GG3x3: ​What’s your favourite UK court to play at and why? (can be outdoor or indoor) 

JH My favourite court has to be Ducketts Common (aka TPL). I’ve grown-up playing there, and it’s got character and history behind it.


What are your thoughts on the growth of 3x3 basketball in the UK and about 3x3 being in the Olympics for the first time next year? 

JH: Over the past few summers I’ve seen 3x3 basketball being the spotlight of the offseason, and it’s great. I felt after midnight madness stops there was a big void in the UK culture for players to show off what they’ve been working on in the offseason and 3x3 tournaments seem to be the right way forward.

GG3x3: Tell us something about you that people might not know?

JH: I’m an adrenaline addict! Anything scary I wouldn’t mind doing to say I’ve done it and survived to tell the tale haha.

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