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3x3 Tips from the Pros

Q&A with Adam 'Biscuit' Lovelock


City: London, UK (Enfield)

Age: 34

Team: Asphalt Assassins 

Instagram: biscuit__6

Are we talking about heart on the court?  Let me re-introduce you to Adam a.k.a. "Biscuit".


Biscuit plays for the Westminster Warriors during the regular season and when the summer comes, he's an integral part of UK 3x3 team, the Asphalt Assassins. They'll play everyone, anywhere. They're in Toronto to compete in the Red Bull Reign World Finals right now.

Biscuit's 5ft10 but will go up against bigs, grab rebounds and out-hustle opponents on the court. Like the other players, we can be very proud to call him a friend and supporter of the GG3x3. Check out what he has to say about 3x3 and UK ball in general.


Just for the record, it's always #ball4life (smh), you'll see what I mean below!

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GG3x3: What got you into 3x3?

AL: I have always played/entered 3x3 tournaments but my first official FIBA 3x3 tournament was Ball Out in 2016


GG3x3: What’s your training schedule like ahead of a 3x3 tournament?

AL: I try to keep up the same amount of activity playing at least two times a week.  Although, I tend to add in a conditioning session at the gym with shooting practice while at work (perks of being  a PE Teacher 😉) 

GG3x3: What’s the best tip you can give to a 3x3 player?

AL: Get your fitness up! The game is so fast paced that you literally don't get a chance to stop. 

GG3x3: ​What's your go to move?

AL: Pick and roll or the assassin screen slip.

GG3x3: ​Do you think playing 3x3 has helped other aspects of your general 5x5 game?

AL: I believe it has helped with my spacing and awareness on defence.

GG3x3: If you could pick one player in the NBA or WNBA to play with, who would it be and why?

AL: Jason Williams. I know he's retired, but he was a big inspiration growing up.

GG3x3: ​What’s your favourite UK court to play at and why? 

AL: It has to be TPL (Turnpike lane) or Brighton beach court. 

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 22.48.41.png

What are your thoughts on the growth of 3x3 basketball in the UK and about 3x3 being in the Olympics for the first time next year? 

AL:  I love that there are more events happening every year and really hope it continues.  Hopefully we will see a Great Britain team represented at a FIBA 3x3 world championships soon. * cough * * cough *

GG3x3: Tell us something about you that people might not know?

AL: Before basketball the first sport I played was ten pin bowling #Bowl4life lol

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