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3x3 Tips from the Pros


Ever wanted to know what it takes to be an amazing 3x3 player? We asked the world's top-ranking 3x3 players what it takes, from team-training to game day prep. 


Each player was given nine questions (3x3=9, like what we did there?!) so we could help everyone become better 3x3 ballers. As well as their routines, we found out who they'd love to play with in the NBA and some slightly unusual things too!

Our latest Q&A is with a player from one of the UK's top teams, Asphalt Assassins. 


All players are officially ranked professional 3x3 body, FIBA 3x3.

We'd like to thank all of these amazing players for their contributions.

3x3 Tips from the Pros

UK Team:

Asphalt Assassins

Jon J Johnson

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