🔥The GG3x3 2021🔥
22nd August, The University of East London E16

The GG3x3 is BACK! The biggest one day 3x3 tournament in the UK for charity will be in one of the best venues in the UK 🇬🇧


And for the first time ever, this year we're supported by Basketball England AND FIBA3x3 endorsed!! Find out what that means and how to register below👇

Last year we couldn't host an event, so we're going all in this year 🔥🔥🔥 We'll have DJs, food and jersey stalls, a full day of games, a ridiculous dunk contest and some surprise entertainment.

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Basketball England has a big focus on 3x3 and will be supporting our efforts to provide the best opportunities and event for players and spectators.

All the money we raise goes towards the cost of the event and profits go to the charity we have selected to support this year, CoppaFeel.


What does Fiba endorsed mean?

FIBA3x3_EndorsedStamp white.png
  • We promise to run the event in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fairness, as outlined in the example FIBA 3x3 Event Ts&Cs

  • We run the games by the global set of official FIBA 3x3 basketball rules

  • All participating players will receive points towards the FIBA 3x3 Individual World Ranking

  • We manage the event with the official FIBA3x3 event maker


For more information about being Fiba endorsed and Fiba3x3 check out our new FAQs section​

Categories you can enter



Who is this for?

Women of all abilities and levels



Who is this for?

Recreational and amateur players



Who is this for?

High division/Pro players


(Step by Step instructions below)

STEP 1 - You and your teammates must have a Fiba3x3 profile to play in the GG3x3 tournament. To create a profile, click  the button below, it's very easy and takes 3-5mins.

STEP 2 - You're officially Fiba3x3 players, congrats! Look at the category options for the tournament below these steps. Now you need to register your team via the Fiba3x3 platform. Click the button below and register for the category you want to enter. You'll need a team name and to invite each player to accept attendance (they'll get notifications by email). Every team member must accept for your team to be fully registered.

STEP 3 (Final Step!) - Once your team is registered on the Fiba3x3 platform whatsapp +44(0)7967516063 or e-mail info@gg3x3.com to confirm your team entry.

You will receive a whatsapp/e-mail back and then an email within 24hrs from the GG3x3 giving instructions on how to pay for your team. It is £20/player and you have 24hrs to pay. You will be asked fill in a form which includes Covid-19 waivers and jersey size - every player will receive a reversible jersey to play in, keep and take home.

If all the spots have been filled, please send an email to info@gg3x3.com and you will be placed on a waiting list. 

See Ts&Cs below for more information.


  • You must be over 18 years old to play.

  • You must be residents of the UK (due to Covid-19 we are unable to accept foreign teams)

  • There's a limited number of team slots available, we are only accepting 12 teams per category

  • It costs £20/player. This covers the costs of your jersey, the tournament running costs and any surplus goes straight to charity

  • The day starts at 9.30am and closes at approx 7.00pm. Full event schedule will be provided before the event

  • We play to Fiba3x3 rules. In short that is 21 points or the highest scoring in 10minutes.

  • Please note, there are no refunds once a team is registered due to costs of the event and our charity support

  • Last minute entries (e.g. the week before the event) will cost £30/player.

  • All players will be provided with a special, reversible GG3x3 jersey. Players can wear whatever shorts they want but wearing the jerseys is mandatory. You can request your size after registering and paying for your team.

More questions about the GG3x3 tournament and rules can be found in our new FAQ section. For any questions about registration or about which category to enter, please email info@gg3x3.com or whatsapp +44(0)7967516063.