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🎄The GG3x3 Christmas Ball 🎄 
16th December, 2023
Mulberry Stepney Green School, E1 4SD


The GG3x3 Christmas Ball is back! It's the UK's only Christmas 3x3 tournament 🇬🇧

Expect games, vibes and a lot of fun.

Details below 👇


What can you expect?

  • A fun mixed (male & female) 3x3 tournament for 18+ year old payers

  • Games of 10 minutes playing to FIBA3x3 rules (unsure of the rules? click here)

  • Referees for all games

  • Music and great vibes

  • Prizes for winners


Registration Steps 
(Please follow all the steps or risk losing your chance to play)
£60/Team - 18+ only

🎄STEP 1 - You and your teammates must have a FIBA3x3 profile to play in the GG3x3 tournament. To create a profile, click  the button below, it's very easy and takes 3 mins.

🎄STEP 2 - Sign-up via the FIBA3x3 platform by clicking the button below. You'll need a team name and each player needs to accept attendance (they'll get notifications by email).

Please note:
We will only accept mixed teams (men and women).
We will not accept a team with only 2 players, so make sure everyone is ready and has a profile before you sign-up.


🎄STEP 3  - Once your team is registered to the tournament on the FIBA3x3 platform whatsapp +44(0)7967516063 or e-mail to confirm your team entry. The GG3x3 will review your team entry on the FIBA3x3 platform. If approved, you will receive next steps on how to pay. Once paid, you'll need to fill in an online waiver and you're all set!


Please note:

It is £60/team and you will have 24hrs to pay or your team will be placed on the waitlist. 

If all the spots have been filled, please send an email to and you will be placed on a waiting list.  It is worth doing this as some teams drop out and we go to the list to replace them.

See Ts&Cs below for more information.

  • You must be over 18 years old to play

  • It costs £60 to enter a team

  • The day starts at 1.00pm and closes at approx 5.00pm. 

  • We play to FIBA3x3 rules. 

  • Please note, there are no refunds once a team is registered due to costs of the event and our charity support

  • Players can wear whatever shorts they want but wearing the GG3x3 jerseys is mandatory

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