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Coming to support? You're in the right place!

Whether you're cheering for someone who's playing or you're coming to enjoy a day out and support the charities, see below for what to expect.  This event has activities for people of all ages all day, with music, free basketball training, raffle prizes and more! It's £15.00 to attend (including a small admin charge) and free for children under 13.


Whether you consider yourself a 'baller' or not, buy a ticket now before they run out!


Games will be going on all afternoon so if you're coming to watch the intense knock-out competition, then arrive from 4.00pm. The raffle/half-court shot comp and special dunk show will happen late afternoon from approximately 5.00pm. For a full agenda scroll down the homepage by clicking here.


George was well known for coaching, so we're going to provide free basketball training for everyone. Ever wanted to shoot the ball like a pro, do a lay-up or make a killer crossover move? This is where you'll want to be!


There'll be a competition during the day for whoever makes a half court shot. George used to do this after every game for fun. There is a very special prize on offer for the person (or people!) that make the shot. There are also amazing raffle prizes on offer. Tickets can be purchased on the day.


There'll be food and drinks to buy. From water and chocolate milkshakes through to sandwiches and the tastiest bagels you've ever had. Don't miss out on coming to the GG3v3! Click here to buy tickets or click the button above.

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